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All you need to build and manage your portfolio—in one place

Having access to a wide variety of online trading and investment choices, powerful trading platforms, and research and education can help you build a portfolio suited to your needs.

At Lumentrades, we don’t charge platform or data fees. Accessing a trading specialist is always free and our low $0.50 flat price per online equity trade applies no matter your account balance or trading frequency.

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Investment Product Benefits of Investing with Lumentrades Educational Resources
Alternative Investments We connect you to fixed-income alternative investments in Litigation Finance, Real Estate, Commercial & Consumer Financing, and more, with 11-50% target yield. Learn more about alternative investing
Buy Bitcoin OTC (Over The Counter) The most trusted platform for trading bitcoin over the counter Learn more about trading bitcoin otc
Bitcoin Investment Fund The World's 1st, Largest, And Most Secure Bitcoin Investment Fund with 30% profit every quarter. Learn more about bitcoin investment fund
Pooled Investment Vehicle Opportunity for non-wealthy investors or people who want to invest only a small amount of capital Learn more about PIV
Stocks Order routing that continuously seeks price improvement Learn more about stocks
ETFs 1000+ commission-free ETFs from leading providers with Lumentrades research and ratings Learn about investing in ETFs
Mutual Funds View and select top fund performers as chosen by Lumentrades Investment Management in one place with the Premier List Explore mutual fund investing
CFDs Stay updated 24/7 and trade with our mobile apps Discover CFDs trading
Bonds and CDs Bond Wizard helps you quickly find bonds that suit your specific situation. Discover fixed income investing
Forex Stay updated 24/7 and trade with our mobile apps Discover currency trading
Cryptocurrency Stay updated 24/7 and trade with your mobile apps Discover cryptocurrency trading
Managed Portfolios Professionally managed portfolios designed to help you pursue your financial needs as they grow and change Discover the differences between managed portfolio options
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