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We connect you to fixed-income alternative investments in Litigation Finance, Real Estate, Commercial & Consumer Financing, and more.

Finally, you have access to investing opportunities that were traditionally reserved for hedge funds and the ultra-wealthy.

Target Returns of 11-50%

Find opportunities to make your money work harder.

Asset-Based Investments

Real underlying assets like a real estate property or legal case.

Low Stock Market Correlation

In a volatile market, our investments are relatively unaffected.

Buyback guarantee

All loans come with buy back guarantee so we will buy back loans in full with accrued interest, if a borrower is over 60 days late.

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As Seen On These Leading Publications:

“Investments at Lumentrades differ from other platforms in that all its investments are backed by collateral…”

"Lumentrades has carved out a niche to help investors address security challenges"

“In the past, such options were exclusively available to ultra high net worth individuals, hedge funds or institutional investors…”

“Lumentrades has created a way for accredited investors to get passive income from alternate investments across asset classes like real estate and legal finance with a potentially smaller minimum and shorter term.”

Since inception, Lumentrades investments have an expected 35.93% IRR2

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Create a Portfolio Across Multiple Asset Classes

We take advantage of market inefficiencies to bring you high quality investment opportunities. Vetted by experts, backed by collateral.

Real Estate

Secured by commercial and multi-use properties.


Secured by settled and future case proceeds or law firm assets or receivables.


Secured by business assets such as equipment, vehicles or accounts receivable.


Secured by opportunities in vessel acquisition, construction, and deconstruction.

Some of Our Past Offerings

We are constantly adding new and different investing opportunities. Sign up today to be notified of new investment opportunities before they launch.

Multi-Use Real Estate Portfolio II

Target return : 9%

Payments : Monthly

Term : 12 Months

SOLD OUT – $2.45M
Diversified Pre-Settlement Portfolio XIII

Target return : 40%

Payments : Monthly

Term : 12 Months

SOLD OUT – $2.13M
Select Litigation Financing I

Target return : 47%

Payments : Event-based

Term : 12 Months

SOLD OUT – $11.80M

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