Order Execution

Best Execution Advantage

We stay in touch with all the finance markets and exchanges to ensure that we oversee the orders, in order to provide high speed and quality execution. Our team is very dedicated to this task knowing that speed is essential in this rapidly changing business. We execute orders faster than the average time it takes market orders to be executed. We utilize advanced order routing technology to seek the best execution available in the market.


Lumentrades has one of the most powerful execution quality.

  • Prompt - The financial markets is a rapidly changing one and as such, order execution are of paramount importance to investors. Our platform is swift and operates perfectly with no glitches, so that an investor can place a market order when the need arises, and get it executed.
  • Reliant - We are always in touch with the market centers for order execution and have noticed that the competition among the market centers will improve the quality of order execution. We research daily to get the best market centers offering the best order execution services, to ensure that our clients can always bank on us.
  • Understanding - We have worked to foster a good working relationship with market centers, Keep an active communication with them, to maintain the relationship, bearing the interests of our clients in mind.