Pooled Investment Vehicle Service (PIV)

Lumentrades Pooled Investment Vehicle Service

Pooled investment vehicles, which are typically large investment funds built by aggregating relatively small investments from individuals, provide an opportunity for non-wealthy investors or people who want to invest only a small amount of capital to participate in investments otherwise available only to sophisticated investors or financial institutions.Lumentrades in line with other investment strategies offers this service.

In this type of investment, multiple investors bring their money together to gain certain advantages they would not have as individual investors. This helps an investor gain much more profits than if he decides to invest over the same period of time. Investors who join a pooled investment vehicle typically enjoy the economies of scale a larger fund value offers. The group of individual investors are all stakeholders in every investment the fund makes, in proportion to the size of each individual’s investment in the fund.

The Lumentrades pooled investment vehicle is more like a Private Funds service since we encompass a range of investment strategies including but not limited to hedge funds, mutual funds and private equity funds. One of the advantages of using this strategy as an investor is that investments made using a pooled investment vehicle (PIV) are generally charged less in trading costs and also offer professional management and diversification. The gains made from a particular PIV is always shared among all investors at the end of every quarter. Any investor who is a part of a PIV is totally free to opt out with all profits accumulated over the period of membership at any time he wishes to leave. No additional fees will be charged to him on account of this.

Advantages of Joining Lumentrades Pooled Investment vehicle

  • Negotiating Power - Individual investors with small capital do not have the negotiating leverage to carry out certain trades that yield huge sums but as part of a group, they have much more negotiating power. The professional manager now bases upon this negotiating power to carry out much more valuable margin trades for the group in general making profits greater than it would be when traded by a single account.
  • Diversification Since a pooled fund is large enough that it can deploy its capital across a far broader range of investments than any of the fund’s individual investors could with the small amount of money they placed into the fund, This allows a pooled investment vehicle, if its managers so choose, to diversify the fund’s exposure to industries, businesses or asset classes. Moreover, every individual investor can participate in the potential for returns on every investment made through the fund.
  • Professional ManagementWhen you participate in a pooled investment vehicle, your investment is managed by a team of professional fund managers. Unless you are an expert in the financial markets or are extremely confident in your own ability to devise a winning investment strategy, this professional management can be a benefit in that it allows you — with only a small outlay of your own capital — to tap into the experience and knowledge of a team of investment professionals whose fees and reputation depend in part on how well they manage your fund.
  • Insurance of capital One of the most innovative features of Lumentrades is that we offer pooled investors 100% insurance coverage with 1% insurance premium
  • Now funds in a vehicle is not just used for trading only assets in the stock market but is diversified in a wide range of profit accumulating endeavors ranging from Forex, Equities to Real estate investment trust (REITs) and Mutual Funds

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